Angelica Rossi  Holistic Therapist VTCT Dip 

Swedish Body Massage, Reflexology & Indian Head Massage

CTHA Registered 

Reflexology is a highly recognised alternative treatment that is non invasive and is deeply relaxing.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment based on the principles that there are areas and reflex points on the feet and hands and that these reflex points correspond to all the organs and systems of the human body.

When pressure is applied on the reflex points of the feet or hands it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels, and helps restore homeostasis (balance) in the whole body. 

There are many benefits of reflexology; it helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety or pain relief, it helps relieve fatigue and can help promote better sleep and improve moods.

I will provide a treatment plan that will help each individual client’s needs and ensure that they are provided with care and to help restore a sense of well being and equilibrium.      




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Angelica Rossi CTHA Registered