Jana Krychtalkova  Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

The meditation is a beautiful heart-centred experience and practice. We start with a focus on the breath then relaxing each part of the body until a state of deep relaxation is reached. When centred and grounded we embark on an inner journey. There are weekly life-affirming themes, such as Self-love, Owning Your Power, Celebration of Your Uniqueness, Trust, Joy, Freedom, Power of Imagination, Creativity, Abundance, Body and Vitality.

The course is designed to help you experience and understand your true spiritual nature and your innate power to create the life you want.

No previous experience with meditation is necessary and absolute beginners are welcome. Come and enjoy meditating in a lovely safe space with like-minded people.


Jana Krychtalkova Holistic therapist