Jake Yearsley pgDip BACP

Member of the College of Sex and Relationship Therapy

Integrative Counselling 


Jake is committed to his on-going personal and professional development and is in regular supervision for his client work.


It is important to him to ensure he creates a non-judgemental space, where you can share and explore your thoughts, feelings and problems in a safe, accepting and confidential environment. From his experience as a counsellor, what he has seen as most important for clients is the counsellor and client relationship. Jake has an approachable, genuine and open-minded manner that helps people feel able to discuss their difficulties. Equally his own experiences of therapy has allowed him to honour the healing journey that clients undergo and respect the client's choice in the pace and depth of the therapy. His background and experience is very eclectic, from many years working in the media and creative industries, to working as a gardener, which he still does part time.